Insulation Testers

Yokins insulation tester (meggers) hand driven generator type Insulation Tester is a compact, portable self-contained Instrument which is used for direct reading of insulation resistance of electrical installations and apparatus. The Insulation tester is composed of a hand driven A.C. generator and a high sensitivity cross-coil Indicator.

Cross coil indicator :

The indicating movement is of the cross coil ratio type and is designed so that voltage fluctuation, caused by irregular cranking have no influence on the results of measurement.

Infinity adjustment :

This has been provided in the Instrument.

Silent generator :

The AC Magnet hand generator drive is extremely smooth and silent. There are no carbon brushes and commutators, to be replaced as in DC generators.

Quick response :

The quick response saves the time and extend the life of the generator.

General characterstic response time :

Less than 3 seconds, when a resistance, the value of which corresponds to the central scale mark is suddenly inserted between measuring terminals.

Limits of error :

The insulation resistance measurement is accurate to within( /-)5% of the indicated value over the effective range and within ( /-)10% of the indicated value at the scale mark for the rest of the ranges in confirmity with I.S.2992-1980.

Tolerance of voltage across measuring terminals :

Within ( /-)10% of the rated voltage for scale mark of infinity and more than 90% of the rated voltage for the central scale mark in confirmity with I.S.2992-1980.

Rotations speed of handling : 160 R.P.M.

Central scale mark : 1/50th of rated resistance value.

Insulation resistance : More than 50 megaohms between the electrical ciruits and the case, when measured by applying 500V DC.

Di-electric strength : Withstands 1 minute application of 2000 volts AC(rms) between the electrical circuits and the case.

Weight : Approximately 3Kg. For model Y1-M1 and Y1-M2.


Yokins transistorised portable insulation tester These have been designed with a view of stronger and rugged construction of individual components, which have been tested by us for last so many years, and thus ensuring longer life of the instrument. The size and weight of this model has been considerably reduced with a view of making the instrument more handy. The indicating Instrument is specially protected seperately in a moulded case to prevent damages from dust at the time of servicing. The indicating instrument has knife edge pointer and Anti-parallax mirror scale for ensuring accurate readings. Single person operation push button control, no troublesome cranks to turn, usage of standard 1.5 volts pencil cells are all the special.

Accuracy : ( /-)5% of indicated value.

Working principle : A push pull oscillator is used to convert DC voltage to AC, which is stepped up and further rectified to give the test voltage which is DC. A sensitive movement is used to detect the change in current due to insertion of resistance in the circuit.

Instructions for use : Set the Insulation tester horizontally, check the pointer to indicate infinity (°C) by the mechanical adjuster screw, below the meter window. Now connect the apparatus to be tested across the line & Earth terminal. Press the push button and read the value of the insulation resistance indicated by the deflection of the pointer.

The scale is calibrated directly in megaohms.

Type Range Test Volt
YI-1 0-10 or 20 Megaohms 100V
YI-2 0-20 or 50 Megaohms 250V
YI-3 0-50 or100 Megaohms 500V
YI-4 0-200 or 500 Megaohms 500V
YI-5 0-100 Megaohms 1000V

0-200 Megaohms

YI-7 0-500 Megaohms 1000V

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